Molded Specimens from the Materials & Production Authorities

Hi-Tech’s new specimen molding gives you a more accurate gauge for performance and production. Our proprietary, custom-built tools produce standard test specimens, including large plaques, tensile bars, dynatup discs and more. Come to the experts for help specifying, selecting and sourcing the right materials. Then we produce spot-on specimens with all the processing documentation you … Continue Reading

Perfect Performance: Neither Overengineered nor Underengineered

Find the Ideal Materials Mix for Every Application The Hi-Tech Materials Selection Guide helps you ask the right questions to determine the best resins and additives for end-product performance and molding efficiency. Whether it’s PP or PEEK, glass fiber or stainless steel fiber, Engineered Thermoplastics’ wide range of performance characteristics gives you hundreds of choices. … Continue Reading

You mean Shrinkage? Yes, Significant shrinkage.

You mean Shrinkage?  Yes, Significant shrinkage!   What do Thermoplastics and Seinfeld have in common?  You guessed it. Shrinkage!   Shrinkage of thermoplastics has a significant impact on both part design and tool design.  A stable geometry in part design will help to ensure the converter’s producability is that much better.  Producability is simply the … Continue Reading

Scaling from Prototypes to Production in Thermoplastics

Benefits of Scale moving from Machined Prototypes to Molded Production in Thermoplastics   Hi-Tech helps our Customers utilize thermoplastics in Stock Shapes to scale up parts and assemblies from the Prototype Phase to hard tooling and the higher volumes of Injection Molding.  This article will cover a basic cost profile and the benefits of molding … Continue Reading

Metal to Plastic Conversion

Metal Replacement or Metal to Plastic Conversions using Engineered Thermoplastics are not new in the Plastics Industry.  The advantages of Thermoplastics have been leveraged for a long time to save money, decrease weight and/or consolidate the number of parts required in an assembly.  Hi-Tech’s history of replacing metal in structural applications is really what shaped … Continue Reading

Machining Process Improvements

In the YouTube video accessible by the link below, Hi-Tech demonstrates how improvements in the machining process can significantly reduce cycle times. This is possible thru optimization of the cutters, tool path programming and speeds & feeds.  In this video, Hi-Tech is machining slab or sheet stock and producing a prototype part.  This prototype part … Continue Reading

Curiosity about Porosity?

Common issues in producing components in Thermoplastics are known as Porosity and Voids.  These issues are characterized by small bubbles or pockets found in thicker sections of molded thermoplastic parts.  Generally, small bubbles are called Porosity and larger bubbles or pockets are called Voids. Porosity or voids are often caused by the combination of two … Continue Reading

Near Net Shape Molding

Hi-Tech produces complex, tight tolerance components and assemblies that start off as a Near Net Shape and finish with a Conforming part.

Born of Fire

Hi-Tech started molding High Temperature resins very early on in our companies history.