Core Competencies

Plastic Injection Molding

Experience and innovation powers the plastic injection molding operations at Hi-Tech. We’ve been producing components and assemblies using Plastic Injection Molding since 1983.

Plastic Part & Stock Shape Machining

After molding to Near-Net-Shape, Hi-Tech uses CNC mills and lathes to improve component tolerance or achieve geometries you cannot create with injection molding alone.

Plastic Part Assembly & Testing

Hi-Tech can assemble any combination of thermoplastic, composite and metal components. We can add purchased components to the items we manufacture. 

Plastic Part & Mold Laser Etching

Hi-Tech can use Plastic Part and Mold Laser Etching to add important details to parts and assemblies that may otherwise require outside services. Laser etching is the fast, permanent and flexible way to add data and messages – without adding long wait times, compromising performance or worrying about readability.