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A complete-process vision for injection molding to give you a manufacturing edge that reduces costs, improves performance, enables tight tolerances and delivers consistently reproduceable quality.

Core Competencies

Thermoplastic Part & Mold Design

Thermoplastic Part & Mold Design

Hi-Tech can evaluate 3D Models and 2D Prints to help optimize the Part Design for Molding and to help identify potential issues.

Injection Molding Thermoplastic Components

Injection Molding Thermoplastic Components

Hi-Tech has a long history of molding High Temperature, Heavily filled Engineered Thermoplastics.

Machining Thermoplastic Components

Machining Thermoplastic Components

Hi-Tech’s Aerospace business has created a Thermoplastic Machining department that is unique in Injection Molding.

Component Assembly & Testing

Component Assembly & Testing

Hi-Tech has developed assembly and testing processes for a wide range of configurations & industries.

Mold Building & Maintenance

Mold Building & Maintenance

Hi-Tech produces molds in-house and can source molds from Overseas. The tool room allows us to maintain consistent part delivery performance.

Material Expertise

Material Expertise

Hi-Tech produces components and assemblies in a wide range of Engineered Thermoplastics, verifies lot traceability and can aid in material selection during design or supply issues.

Our Industries


Hi-Tech has been expanding in Aerospace including Air Management, Seating and Engines.


Hi-Tech can help you optimize your design for Medical Devices and Assemblies.


Hi-Tech does produce components and assemblies for the military and can manage ITAR requirements.

Outdoor Recreation

Hi-Tech produces Robust and Durable Products that are used in Outdoor Recreation applications.


Producing electrical components compliant to RoHS or REACH has been apart of Hi-Tech since the beginning.


Hi-Tech can be cost competitive in the consumer market.

Food Service

Hi-Tech has supported Food Service for a long time in reheatable food trays.


  • Hi-Tech has an excellent customer service and high quality products. Hi-Tech supports us with our Kanban program to have product on time. Support team is always available for us to answer all our questions.

    Claudia Lopez, Electri-Cable Assemblies
  • I have been working with Hi-Tech for 5 years now. Over that span, Hi-Tech has always been very easy to work with and they present themselves in a professional manner. Hi-Tech has delivered quality injection mold tooling and parts with competitive pricing. Their Program Management and Engineering group kept up with several design changes throughout the tool build and still delivered on-time.

    Roger Stebenne, Director of Materials Planning and Purchasing

About Us

Hi-Tech was started in 1983 by Bill Kristensen Sr. His goal was to create a full service facility that could support customers from mold builds, molding, machining and all post molding/machining operations. The full service model is stronger than ever supporting commodity and specialty markets alike.

Over the years, Hi-Tech has worked with a variety of customers to develop components and assemblies. Hi-Tech has developed expertise in advanced thermoplastic materials, tooling and the development of proprietary manufacturing processes for high-temperature molding, thus becoming a unique resource for cost-effective metal substitution.

Hi-Tech started with Polaroid and continues to work with large, multinational customers. In doing so, Hi-Tech has leveraged tools and processes that have been shared by these customers to continue to improve our operation.

Standards & Certifications

Hi-Tech is ISO13485, AS9100 and ISO9001 Certified. Hi-Tech is FDA and ITAR registered.
Click on the link for certs: CERTS 

Quality Policy

Hi-Tech is committed to meeting or exceeding all customer & regulatory requirements as well as ensuring to comply with all ISO9001/AS9100 Quality Standards.


Hi-Tech operates under one roof and includes a Pressroom for Molding, a Tool Room , a Machining and Assembly area and a Warehouse.

Customer Focused. Quality Driven.

Contact the HT Engineering Team with Thermoplastic Part Design Questions.

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