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A complete-process for injection molding giving you a manufacturing edge. We now have a Downloadable Guide section to help you reduce costs, improve performance, and deliver a quality product on time.

About Us

Over 30 years ago Bill Kristensen Sr. started Hi-Tech, with the goal to create a full service facility that could support customers from mold builds, molding, machining and all post molding/machining operations. We have developed proprietary manufacturing processes for high-temperature molding, thus becoming a unique resource for cost-effective metal substitution. We are experts in advanced thermoplastic materials, our service model is stronger than ever.

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Core Competencies

Material Expertise

Hi-Tech produces components and assemblies in a wide range of Engineered Thermoplastics, verifies lot traceability and can aid in material selection during design or supply issues.

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Our Industries


Hi-Tech has been expanding in Aerospace including Air Management, Seating and Engines.


Hi-Tech can help you optimize your design for Medical Devices and Assemblies.


Hi-Tech does produce components and assemblies for the military and can manage ITAR requirements.

Outdoor Recreation

Hi-Tech produces Robust and Durable Products that are used in Outdoor Recreation applications.


Producing electrical components compliant to RoHS or REACH has been apart of Hi-Tech since the beginning.


Hi-Tech can be cost competitive in the consumer market.

Food Service

Hi-Tech has supported Food Service for a long time in reheatable food trays.

Customer Focused. Quality Driven.

Contact the HT Engineering Team with Thermoplastic Part Design Questions.