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A complete-process vision for injection molding to give you a manufacturing edge that reduces costs, improves performance, enables tight tolerances and delivers consistently reproduceable quality.

About Us

Over 30 years ago Bill Kristensen Sr. started Hi-Tech, with the goal to create a full service facility that could support customers from mold builds, molding, machining and all post molding/machining operations. We have developed proprietary manufacturing processes for high-temperature molding, thus becoming a unique resource for cost-effective metal substitution. We are experts in advanced thermoplastic materials, our service model is stronger than ever.

Core Competencies

Material Expertise

Hi-Tech produces components and assemblies in a wide range of Engineered Thermoplastics, verifies lot traceability and can aid in material selection during design or supply issues.

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Our Industries


Hi-Tech has been expanding in Aerospace including Air Management, Seating and Engines.


Hi-Tech can help you optimize your design for Medical Devices and Assemblies.


Hi-Tech does produce components and assemblies for the military and can manage ITAR requirements.

Outdoor Recreation

Hi-Tech produces Robust and Durable Products that are used in Outdoor Recreation applications.


Producing electrical components compliant to RoHS or REACH has been apart of Hi-Tech since the beginning.


Hi-Tech can be cost competitive in the consumer market.

Food Service

Hi-Tech has supported Food Service for a long time in reheatable food trays.

Customer Focused. Quality Driven.

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IT’S ELECTRIC: EMI/RFI Shielding in Thermoplastics

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Injection moldable Thermoplastic have always been used to save costs and this is due to the very fast process that can generate significant detail in a part. The cost savings get even larger when product designers begin to leverage Thermoplastics in a functional way beyond just a covering or a skin. Functional thermoplastics bring additional properties to the product that uses them and in this discussion. Below we’ll discuss EMI/RFI Shielding in Thermoplastics.

You can still solve part issues after you build a tool

Hi-Tech News

There are three major elements in thermoplastic design. Each is an opportunity to improve production efficiency, end-product performance and quality.

The first opportunity is part design, with material selection being a close second and mold design third. Optimizing the three plastic part design inputs – part design, material and mold design – are the best way to avoid issues.

Thermoplastic Part Improvements using a Foaming Agent

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Thermoplastics have a lot of good attributes, but they aren’t perfect. Thicker ribs or walls will show sink marks. Surfaces can show the signs of minor impacts or scuffs.

Larger parts with thicker sections require longer cycle times to ensure there is no part deflection upon mold opening. When part designs result in molding issues, chemical foaming agents can be an effective tool to improve the finished product.