Plastic Part and Stock Shape Machining

More Design Options from More Manufacturing Options

Machining metal is commonplace. Plastic Part and Stock Shape machining is a specialty only the most skilled resin craftsmen can attempt. Hi-Tech does it every day.

After molding to Near-Net-Shape, Hi-Tech uses CNC mills and lathes to improve component tolerance or achieve geometries you cannot create with injection molding alone.

Plastic Part and Stock Shape machining is also a time and money saver for prototyping. Developing and optimizing component geometry using prototypes by machining thermoplastic or stock shapes saves tooling time and cost. After successful prototyping and component testing, you can be more confident of your final outcome and safely translate components from low volume machining to higher volume molding.

Other Hi-Tech milling operations include:

  • Milling of composite UD Tape laminates.
  • Development of vertical integration opportunities on metal components to reduce lead time and cost
  • Machining of Torlon, Vespel, Metals, Composites, PEEK, Nylon

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