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Strong, precise and more cost effective.

Hundreds of lives and millions of dollars ride on the quality, precision and consistency of every aerospace part and assembly. “Good enough” just doesn’t fly. Hi-Tech’s engineers and designers can help you from initial concept to product development, prototyping, testing and production. We deliver aerospace solutions that can withstand rigorous applications and repeated use.

Our focus combines innovation and practical manufacturability. We start with unmatched injection molding expertise to create the perfect part. For intricate designs that need more refinement than molding offers, we employ Near-Net-Shape molding and then finish the part with machining. So you get the cost and performance advantages of resins over metal.

Aerospace Specialists

We don’t just “do aerospace,” we lead the industry in aerospace resin manufacturing. We understand that aerospace manufacturing is like no other industry. Our Aerospace Experts help ensure we meet or surpass compliance needs, including AS9100 and individual product Compliance Matrices.

Proven Processes –
from Planning to Delivery

Successful Aerospace manufacturing is about more than the manufacturing process itself. We have processes, procedures and capabilities that make us a true partner, rather than a vendor. For example, our MRP system sees the complete picture and manages purchased components to ensure On Time Delivery. We generate OEM Bar Code Labels and Advanced Shipping Notices via our OEM Portal – so it’s easy to track and manage items from beginning to end, via our customer portal.

What is one of the major issues that could reduce the capability of your molded Components?

Porosity or Voids in thermoplastic components is a key factor that is often controlled for the Aerospace Industry. Knowing the different process parameters and component design features that can cause or prevent porosity will help to eliminate the potential for this unseen molding defect to compromise your components.

The Technologies You Need

Our Near-Net-Shape molding and CNC machining are just the beginning. We also design, tool and manufacture:

  • Injection Molding of High Temperature Resins with Carbon and Glass Fiber fillers
  • Torlon parts as a certified Torlon molder
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Insert molding for Two Shot components with Silicone Overmold.
  • Insert molding fasteners, threaded inserts or custom metal inserts.
  • Assembly of molded components and purchased components
  • Fasteners and Oven Cured Adhesives used to combine components in assemblies.
  • Machining of Stock Shapes and Composites to final
  • Pressure and Electrical Testing against an OEM Specification.
  • Submission and Approval of Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) including:
    • Process Flow and Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA)
    • Final Inspection by customer approved DQRs and approval for shipping.