Plastic Part & Mold Laser Etching

Make Your Mark – with Laser Precision

Identification, Traceability, Part Numbers & Branding that’s fast, easy with zero effects on performance or material characteristics

Hi-Tech can use Plastic Part and Mold Laser Etching to add important details to parts and assemblies that may otherwise require outside services. Laser etching is the fast, permanent and flexible way to add data and messages – without adding long wait times, compromising performance or worrying about readability. In fact, laser etching in line, adds no production time at all.

Here are some of the ways Hi-Tech clients are leveraging Plastic Part and Mold Laser Etching to make their mark:


In Line Laser Engraving on Vectra LCP during molding captures GTIN, DOM and Lot Numbers. Laser’s flexibility enables fixturing for 13 different sized medical trays, ranging from 2”x6” to 20” x 36” with no problems because we can easily program and load the proper marking location and variable data. Programming includes location, laser strength, GTIN codes and minor user interface.


Laser engraving of aerospace part ID tags on metal plates meets regulatory and manufacturer requirements for identification and traceability. Information includes readable DOM, Serialization, and Part ID, as well as the same information contained in a data matrix. A scanner verifies the data matrix accuracy to comply with ISO 15434.


Laser engraving on Ultem PEI makes DOM, Lot Numbers, Part Numbers and the company logo vital element in the final product.


Laser engraving on metal finished components for automotive includes part information, DOM and serialization derived from a data matrix. A scanner verifies the data matrix accuracy.


  • Epilog Fibermark 20 Watt, 24” x 12” x 5 1/4”
  • Epilog Fusion Pro 30 Watt, 31” x 20” x 11 ¾”

Want to learn more about our Laser’s capabilities and flexibility?

Check out our quick video that shows a molding process and our Laser Engraving. Our Laser Engraving process is easily programmable to fit your marking location and variable data.
Making our mark with Plastic Part
and Mold Laser Etching.

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