close up from turbines of an airplane


Successful Aerospace manufacturing is about more than the manufacturing process itself. We have processes, procedures and capabilities that make us a true partner, rather than a vendor.

Consumer Recreation

Consumer markets are driven by more than product. We are super-efficient with in-line robotics that eliminate the need for an operator at the press and reduce the chance for human error.


We understand the pressures, requirements and regulations of medical manufacturing. Just as important, we know the value of finding better ways to get to market faster with breakthroughs and improvements to proven products.

Military and Defense

Hi-Tech Mold & Tool has led molding industry thinking in materials development and fine-tuning for decades. Partnering with us helps military and defense manufacturers move from concept and development to testing and manufacturing faster. 

Seals and Bushings

A complete-process vision for injection molding can give you a manufacturing edge that reduces costs, improves performance, enables tight tolerances and delivers consistently reproduceable quality.