Plastic Part Assembly & Testing

We Put It All Together

Assembly, Testing, Finishing and Inspection:
Complete, Precise and Customized


Hi-Tech can assemble any combination of thermoplastic, composite and metal components. We can add purchased components to the items we manufacture. Or we can create assemblies solely from purchased parts.

Our in-line assembly is fast and efficient. We can add multiple components to an assembly on the production line. That moves pieces directly from molding to assembly without multiple steps.

We are adhesives and primer experts for thermoplastic to thermoplastic bonds, thermoplastic-to-metal bonds and thermoplastic-to foam-bonds. We cure adhesives in temperature-controlled ovens to reduce lead times. We can also anneal parts in ovens. Annealing can change molded component geometry and ensure tighter tolerance control. We employ specialized ovens for Torlon and specialized blasting for paint and adhesive surface preparation.

Finding Quality Suppliers

Hi-Tech has the contacts and experience to source components. We maintain an approved and audited supplier list. We reevaluate sourced components annually to manage cost and check for alternatives.

Inspection and Testing

Quality starts before the work begins. We inspect incoming components before moving them to assembly. Other inspection and testing operations include:

  • Proprietary qualified pressure and leak testing using both Air and Gas assist.
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection to ensure component integrity.
  • Managing independent lab testing for material certification.
  • Measuring electrical resistance to ensure coating integrity and verify grounding assembly is static dissipative.

We have been bonding Carbon Fiber filled PEEK parts for over 10 years.

What happens when you bond two scrap pieces of Carbon Fiber filled PEEK together? How long did it take before the bond failed? We ran a test to find out.
Take a look at our video to find out!

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