Military and Defense

Reload with New Materials that Are
on Target for Improved Performance.

Innovative military and defense manufacturers are pulling ahead of the pack by rethinking how to make products that excel in performance, reliability and meeting ever-changing customer demand. While moving to new materials can deliver market success, it is not without risk – unless you have a materials expert on your team.

Hi-Tech Mold & Tool has led molding industry thinking in materials development and fine-tuning for decades. Partnering with us helps military and defense manufacturers move from concept and development to testing and manufacturing faster. We understand resin characteristics and can play a vital role in ensuring long-term performance of highly stressed firearms parts and components.

Hi-Tech is a registered ITAR manufacturer of components and assemblies. We’ve committed resources and research to uncover and manage the nuances of manufacturing ITAR parts. Sure, we meet regulations, everybody does that. But Hi-Tech has taken the next step to apply our decades of engineered thermoplastics invention to the requirements of real-world firearms performance.

Firearms Materials Are Changing

The materials for new and better products are already here. Manufacturers simply need to see them, understand them and incorporate them into products. Materials like long-glass fiber and carbon fiber are new to many facets of firearms, but they are business as usual at Hi-Tech. That expertise make us your best choice to help determine the precise product mix, the ideal mold design and the right manufacturing process for success.

Engineering Success

The same Hi-Tech engineers who helped aerospace manufacturers revolutionize materials selection are now on the job for firearms. For example, our long-glass fiber nylon magazine assembly is molded to extremely tight tolerances. The magazine delivers every shot every time, with the added advantage of long-life performance in any environment. It’s the expertise that keeps planes in the air, re-applied to produce safe, reliable, manufacturable firearms.