Consumer Recreation

Manufacturing for Competitive, Demanding Consumer Markets.

Consumer markets are driven by more than product. You need to be agile and available to deliver fast. You’re helping customers adjust to ever-changing consumer tastes, manage delivery logistics and focus on high turns for lower inventory costs. That’s a lot more than manufacturing.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We’re partners for design and experts at execution for tooling and injection molding of components and in-line assembly. Hi-Tech does work with overseas vendors if the product and cost requirements necessitate. We are super-efficient with in-line robotics that eliminate the need for an operator at the press and reduce the chance for human error.

Cost Saving from End-to-End

We help you cut costs beyond the assembly line. Our KANBAN program manages your inventory and can give you one-week turn around on orders or changes. We can lower material costs with re-usable packaging and by incorporating regrind and reprocessed material whenever appropriate. Our logistics expertise keeps product moving and offers local delivery options to eliminate freight and save time.

Hi-Tech capabilities include:

  • Pad Printing
  • Ultra-sonic welding
  • Heat staking and Riveting component and assembly finishing

Hi-Tech can keep you more competitive.