Moving to an Outside IT provider

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Several years ago Hi-Tech decided to make a change in our approach to how we resource the IT requirements of the business.  Hi-Tech continued to see growth and needed the ability to support the operation 24 hours a day.  We needed subject matter expertise in a wide range of areas such as Network Hardware, Business Software, Remote Access, Security and Data Back-up.  As IT is not our core business, developing an expertise in this area is not that beneficial to the company’s goals.


Hi-Tech’s new approach to the IT requirements of the business was the transition to a 3rd Party IT Firm.  The first step in this transition was to document the actual IT requirements of the business and understand core vs non-standard needs.  This includes various software and hardware requirements.  There are also a variety of document retention needs driven via customer, regulatory or statutory requirements. The system needs to be functional in backing up our scans, file storage and product realization records and also easily demonstrated for auditors.


Below are a few items that were important to Hi-Tech when choosing an IT partner:

1 – Ability to handle non-standard software beyond the normal suite of business software.

2 – IT support 24 hours per day.

3 – An agreement or pricing strategy the mirrors Hi-Tech’s need for requirements versus a charge by the job approach.

4 – Location of the technical support and proximity to the Hi-Tech facility.


Synagex is Hi-Tech’s IT Partner.  Their support of our non-standard software and hardware requirements has been paramount to this relationship.  They have been able to grow their service as Hi-Tech has grown and changed our IT requirements.  The flexibility and the response from Synagex on Hi-Tech’s demands has been critical.


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Here’s a short video Synagex posted of Vice President and General Manager of Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Vince Lanning: