IT’S ELECTRIC: EMI/RFI Shielding in Thermoplastics

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Injection moldable Thermoplastic have always been used to save costs and this is due to the very fast process that can generate significant detail in a part. The cost savings get even larger when product designers begin to leverage Thermoplastics in a functional way beyond just a covering or a skin. Functional thermoplastics bring additional properties to the product that uses them and in this discussion. Below we’ll discuss EMI/RFI Shielding in Thermoplastics.

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Near Net Shape Molding

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Hi-Tech produces complex, tight tolerance components and assemblies that start off as a Near Net Shape and finish with a Conforming part.

Hi-Tech produces molded components in which the molded part is not the final geometry, referred to as Near Net Shape Molding. Certain geometry from the final part design is removed for a variety of reasons. After molding, the component is machine to generate the final part design.

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