Perfect Performance: Neither Overengineered nor Underengineered

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Find the Ideal Materials Mix for Every Application

The Hi-Tech Materials Selection Guide helps you ask the right questions to determine the best resins and additives for end-product performance and molding efficiency. Whether it’s PP or PEEK, glass fiber or stainless steel fiber, Engineered Thermoplastics’ wide range of performance characteristics gives you hundreds of choices.

Cost. Performance. Understanding.
Use this guide to optimize the cost and performance equation. You’ll get all the performance you need, without overpaying for performance you don’t need.

It comes down to asking the right questions.
The Guide helps you:

  • Focus on which requirements are important
  • Compare different materials’ performance against those requirements
  • Make the right selection

We’re Always Learning
It’s impossible to always have all the answers, all the time, and we’re always discovering something new. If you have more questions or contributions for the Guide, please them with us. The Guide is a dynamic document we will continuously improve with feedback from you and our ongoing research.