Corona, No Lime


Hi-Tech Mold & Tool now offers Plasma-Jet Corona discharge.

Hi-Tech has continued to optimize it’s process of surface preparation for inks and adhesives.

Hi-Tech has been successfully using Plasma-Jet Corona discharge as a means for surface treatment for years. This is an electrical discharge (corona) that increases the surface wettability of thermoplastics. This surface treatment can be used to improve bonding of inks, adhesives and coatings.

There are a lot of variables to considering when using Corona treatment: Resin, Environment, Corona settings and Ink or Bonding Agent. Drying is often used on the substrate after Pad Printing or before Over molding.

Hi-Tech has conducted studies on Corona equipment and settings in the form of Dyne Testing and Tape Pull Testing. Hi-Tech has seen significant improvements thru optimization of these settings.

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